Authentic Moments Photography

Our story helps us understand who we are and where we are headed. Will you journey with me into the depth of your heart and see what your story has to say? This is sacred ground and I am honored to go there with you!

"I fall in love with almost every person I photograph. I want to hear each story. I want to get close. This is personal for me."

                     Stephanie Sinclair

I invite you into the presence of your own tell the say with pictures what words could never say.  I believe in the power of telling our stories.

Everything and everyone has a story to tell. I love capturing an interesting photo of an inanimate object and letting viewers come up with their own ideas about it.

"Photography is a weapon against what's out there. It's bearing witness to the truth."

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LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell your story.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.